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BIM of a Multi-story Commercial Building

For the class "Special Topics in BIM" that I am taking this semester, I designed the BIM of a commercial building using Revit 2010. Designing a building in 3D was not that easy ever. Getting 3D views, sections, plans and elevations were the matter of seconds using Revit Architecture 2010. Revit's parametric modeling capabilities helped me improve my design very early in the project. I am planning to use Revit's parametric capabilities to map the operations phase of the project. For this I will be using export and import of Revit data and project operations data respectively. The idea is to make planning and scheduling more predictable by mapping very minute details of the operations phase and using it to make the system more effective and efficient. This project is a pilot for future developments on this idea. I will be updating the progress as I move ahead with the project. Following are some renderings of the current model. Exterior Interior