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AGC, Lean Project Delivery and Last Planner System

AGC recently released the white paper " Integrated Project Delivery for Public and Private Owners ." Lean Project Delivery is mentioned as a related industry trend. Following is the excerpt from the white paper: "Lean Project Delivery: Another term often used to refer to a form of Integrated Project Delivery is Lean Project Delivery System ™ ( LPDS ), a term developed by the Lean Construction Institute ( LCI ). Many of the principles attributed to Lean Project Delivery are similar to those attributed to IPD . In fact, in this era of evolving terminology, many refer to IPD as ―Lean Project Delivery‖ where the application of ―lean thinking‖ and lean principles are applied throughout the project.Followers of IPD treat lean principles along with the resulting efficiencies and elimination of waste as givens. Followers of lean treat collaboration and the use of technologies as givens. In the end, lean and IPD are both striving for the same ultimate outcome, just two differ