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Data Driven Design and Construction - Answers to Randy's questions

Randy started a new blog  that will focus on Data Driven Design and Construction. He asked few questions in his first post. Here is my take, feel free to comment. I recommend you should follow his blog. He will be coming up with a book on this topic next year some time. I can't wait to read it. Here are his  questions  and my answers -  How do we, as a discipline, capitalize on data and metadata to drive innovation in architecture and construction, just as other disciplines and industries have? Evidence based design is one of the leading fields of research that will eventually result in data driven design and construction. Understanding the end user requirements better and designing products that reach to the highest level of customer satisfaction would require data driven design. On technology front, building information  modelling  (BIM), virtual reality and augmented reality will help collect the data related to customer requirement. Moreover, when constructi